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Day Six

"Bye bye Desert Hello Mountains"

sunny 16 °C

An early start for our trip through the mountains to Udaipur.

I got back to my hotel late last night so did not see how lovely it was. On my way to breakfast this morning I walked through the gardens and I saw all the seating and fire pits. What a great place to site chat and drink beer.

There are more forts and museums in Jodhpur, which I decided not to visit. I am not saying I am "museumed out” but I don’t want to belittle what I have seen so far and not to make it the norm. I want to keep those special.

Now here is a great business - Tell people it is good karma to feed the sacred cows, then get people to pay you to feed your own cows. 10 rupees is very cheap cost effect way of getting good karma-
Note: Sporting a new hair cut and the tummy is growing -

The bike temple:
According to Dhasmendre, the story goes like this - "that the mans was killed on a motor bike and the bike was taken to the policie station - At midnight the bike went by his own way to the spot the mans died - This happened 5 days each time - So the policiemans rebulided the bike and took it thats place."
Hay, its a good story. On visiting the temple you get a spot on your forehead.

Leaving the desert - the countryside is starting to green up. Also the local dress has started to change, only subtle but noticeable.
You too could look like this if you don't moisturise.

Another crowd! As I have come to expect - the unexpected.

This was a post funeral something. Not quite sure but It was something about 14 days after the cremation. The priest was showering the crowd with red dust, looked like poster paint to me. This represents the passing of the dead and a remembrance of his life. Be happy.

Yep he got me, to the amusement of the crowd:

I was then adorned with a garlands:
I seem to be a big attraction in the village. Is it because I am a hansom dude? Or just a novelty? Comment below!

Ranakpur Jain Temple:

I had another audio tour which was very informative.
Jainism is one of the oldest religions in the world. This temple took 50 years to build - Plus lots of other stats that I cant remember.
Jainism is based on 5 principals for enlightenment - OK, worth listening, may be I can gain fulfilment and enlightenment.
1. Ahimsa means non-violence. Yep, I agree with that. There is no need for any violence.
2. Satya figuratively means truth. Yep, Honesty is the only way forward.
3. The third vow, asteya, is to not take anything that is not willingly offered. Yep I can go with this one as well.
4. The vow of brahmacharya requires the exercise of control over the senses by refraining from indulgence in sexual activity. I switched off at that point.
5. What 5 - Was not listening.
As much as I say that, it was truly enlightening. I sat on the temple wall and prayed for three things.

We left the temple and started our way through the maintains:
"Bye bye Desert Hello Mountains"

Could not even slow down for these monkeys as they would rip the car to bits

Without electricity they are still using oxen for irrigation.

Yes I just had to drive:

No washing machines either:

We stopped for lunch at a "touristie" buffet restaurant. Yep very, very tasty.
Feeling very full and enlightened I fell asleep and time warped into Udaipur. I think this picture is a classic of old and new - Spot the elephant.

Again another fantastic hotel.

Dhasmendre invited me to his accommodation and cooked a mutton Rogan Josh. Wow it was fantastic:

Here I am writing the blog:

Another fantastic day - Chilled and happy :)

What has gone had gone - What will be will be - Now is now - so don't waste what is there for you!

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